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Optimum Health and Wellbeing:
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Clinic News

14 July, 2013

I have spoken at schools or community centres on the effects of a person’s reaction to stress and how that affects their learning or general functioning ability. If you think your work place would benefit by such a presentation contact me to discuss the possibility further. There are also 1 day workshops available for the […]

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Coping with anxiety

3 June, 2013

I recently spoke to a support group for people who suffer with various degrees of anxiety / anxiousness / panic attacks or other debilitating responses about how the neurology and the body respond to a person’s perception of the stresses around them. I know I have discussed this before, however I thought it might be […]

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Natural Laundry Liquid Recipe

3 March, 2013

This time I thought I would share a recipe for a laundry liquid that is not only gentle on our skin and clothes but also very very economical.   You may have already come across this recipe. The ingredients are:   1 cup soap – grated or flaked (I use Lux Flakes) ½ cup washing […]

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Recuperation – what is it and why is it important

5 December, 2012

Recuperation is an important, but often overlooked, part of our innate process. Sometimes what we find is that during our holiday breaks we become unwell, for example, we “catch a cold” or develop symptoms of a sore throat, etc.   I know for myself back when I was teaching with the Department of Education, before […]

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Book Review – Dr Bruce D Perry The boy who was raised like a dog

20 September, 2012

Just recently I had another book recommended to me, this one called “The boy who was raised like a dog” by a well-known child trauma psychologist Dr Bruce D. Perry.   His work with children’s trauma and their brain patterns resonates very well with how we work in a Neuro-Training with Kinesiology session. Therefore I […]

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Ten Commandments of Any Successful Lifestyle

2 June, 2012

While on the topic of eating I thought I would share with you a section from the GenoType Diet book by Dr Peter J. D’Adamo with Catherine Whitney who previously wrote the Eat Right for you Blood Type book. The Ten Commandments of Any Successful Lifestyle:   1. It’s what you eat, not what you […]

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Neuro-Training with Kinesiology session

14 March, 2012

What happens when you have a Neuro-Training with Kinesiology session? As you have all experienced – the “tool” used in a session, is the Kinesiology tool of “muscle monitoring”. Here I am NOT monitoring your muscle, or muscles, to check if they are working, BUT monitoring how your muscle, or muscles, respond, that is change, […]

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Inflammation Syndrome

2 December, 2011

In this newsletter I am excited to share information from Jack Challem’s book called “Inflammation Syndrome”.   In his book he discusses his 14 essential points in an Anti-Inflammation diet which I will share with you.   1.    Eat a Variety of Fresh and Whole Foods Fresh, whole foods have not been processed or altered […]

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“Spring clean” our bodies

6 September, 2011

Spring is the season when people come out of “hibernation” and open up their doors and windows to let the fresh air breeze through and blow out the cobwebs.   It is also a good time to “spring clean” our bodies. I am not a big fan of radical detox programmes, however our digestive system […]

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The Six External Pathogens

14 June, 2011

The following information is from something called “Meridian Science” and is part of the training of a Neuro-Trainer Kinesiologist that many of you may not have realised. Traditional Chinese medicine is based, first and foremost, on a classic published in the third century B.C., entitled “Neijing”, or “The Yellow Emperor’s Classics of Internal Medicine”.   […]

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