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Neuro-Training with Kinesiology

Consultations are conducted in a professional and non-judgemental manner respecting clients confidentiality

Consultation Pricing:

  • Initial session 1 ½ hours $150
  • Follow-up sessions 1 hour $110

You may be eligible for health fund rebates.

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What can you expect from a Neuro-Training with Kinesiology consultation?

An initial session is 1 ½ hours during which time a medical history will be collected including noting any past emotional traumas.
Then the client’s reason for requesting a consultation is discussed.

The client then lies on the treatment table, staying completely clothed at all times, and an arm is used as the means to check a ‘muscle monitoring’ response.

‘Muscle Monitoring’ is the use of a change of muscle response to indicate how well a person can adapt to a particular challenge.
The techniques used during the consultation can vary depending on the client’s issues.

Some of the techniques used are holding acupressure points, rubbing lymphatic points, massaging muscles, releasing emotional responses, nutritional advice and more.

Follow up sessions are of 1 hour duration and begin with a short discussion about changes noticed after the initial consultation.
The number of consultations varies from client to client, depending on their needs.