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Ten Commandments of Any Successful Lifestyle

2 June, 2012

While on the topic of eating I thought I would share with you a section from the GenoType Diet book by Dr Peter J. D’Adamo with Catherine Whitney who previously wrote the Eat Right for you Blood Type book. The Ten Commandments of Any Successful Lifestyle:   1. It’s what you eat, not what you […]

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Inflammation Syndrome

2 December, 2011

In this newsletter I am excited to share information from Jack Challem’s book called “Inflammation Syndrome”.   In his book he discusses his 14 essential points in an Anti-Inflammation diet which I will share with you.   1.    Eat a Variety of Fresh and Whole Foods Fresh, whole foods have not been processed or altered […]

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“Spring clean” our bodies

6 September, 2011

Spring is the season when people come out of “hibernation” and open up their doors and windows to let the fresh air breeze through and blow out the cobwebs.   It is also a good time to “spring clean” our bodies. I am not a big fan of radical detox programmes, however our digestive system […]

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Immune System

4 June, 2010

Let’s take a quick summary look at the function of the immune system. Basically our immune system is there to “attack” any “foreign” objects entering the system.   Now let’s have a brief look at the “foreign” objects we have in today’s society.   Many of our foods have additives and preservatives often without our […]

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