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What happens when you have a Neuro-Training with Kinesiology session?

As you have all experienced – the “tool” used in a session, is the Kinesiology tool of “muscle monitoring”.

Here I am NOT monitoring your muscle, or muscles, to check if they are working, BUT monitoring how your muscle, or muscles, respond, that is change, when your Central Nervous System is “challenged” in some way.

I am monitoring, (by applying slight pressure to your muscle and noticing if it changes position), if your Central Nervous System  can “adapt”, that is, cope, with what-ever I am “challenging” it with.

A person may have difficulty adapting to certain mental (psychological), emotional, physical, chemical (which can be nutritional) challenges.


An example you have all experienced when having a session is that I may hold a particular point on your body and if there is a muscle change then I rub that point, apply firm pressure or hold lightly waiting for the pulses.

Depending which point made the “change” determines what it is that I am monitoring.


Another example you have all experienced is the effect on the muscle monitoring while you say and think of a particular emotion.

You have all noticed that when an emotion shows to be causing a stress reaction on your Central Nervous System you have a different muscle response after we work with defusing the stress than before.


Now to the question of what is “Neuro-Training”. Neuro-Training can be anything that makes an impression on the Central Nervous System, either deliberately, or without consciously knowing just through our actions of experiencing “life”.


During a session what I am facilitating (helping) your neurology (brain) to do is to reorganise the responses, the patterns, held in your Central Nervous System to suit what you WANT in life.

This is done by using “Neuro-Training” WITH “muscle monitoring” to put together a procedure that allows YOUR neurology to work with YOUR existing conditioning PLUS add the training YOUR neurology and Central Nervous System may need to reorganise itself to respond more appropriately in YOUR life right now.


What that illustrates is that Neuro-Training with Kinesiology works with what YOU need and doesn’t make you fit in with a generic set procedure that is the same for everyone.

Neuro-Training with Kinesiology is a way of helping you to RECUPERATE from various events in your life that has conditioned your Central Nervous System to respond in a predictable way and train it to respond in a more appropriate way from the inside out.


There is a skill attached to efficient muscle monitoring and it often takes a lot of practice for the “student practitioner” to become comfortable with their ability to use it efficiently.

As a trainer it is rewarding to watch the development of the students as they become more proficient in their skill of muscle monitoring.


Recuperation and checking that you are on your Line of Recuperation is a big focus.

Everybody, independent of race, age or gender, recuperates the same way.

We recuperate in the order of “From Above Downward”, “From within outward”, and lastly “Reverse Order”.


To clarify, our first line of recuperation is our MINDS – our ability to change the perception our Mind has and to be able to change the programmes that run our mind.

It is the “ahha” moment when we realise that things “have to change” – that “light globe” moment when we realise how we have been behaving, or what we have been “doing” is just not suiting our needs.

Our minds have an extraordinary power over the function of our bodies.

The picture our mind has is how we utilise the things basic to our life and development.

Every action the subconscious registers creates some type of reaction.


The second “Law of Recuperation” states that we recuperate “From within outward”, which means recuperation will begin with an “important organ” to a “less important organ”.

To reiterate, this is our NATURAL law of recuperation, hence illustrating once again the marvel of the human body.

An example here is any skin conditions.

When working with the second law of recuperation appropriately, skin conditions will be the last to be addressed as they are the “result” of internal “conflicts” (imbalances) that need to be addressed first.


The third law of recuperation states “Symptoms disappear in the Reverse order of their original Appearance”.


You have no doubt heard me say that Neuro-Training with Kinesiology doesn’t work with “symptoms” but works “holistically”, that is, with the emotional, mental, physical and essential conflicts within a person.

However, we cannot ignore the fact that in most cases it is some sort of “symptom or symptoms” that alerts people to the fact that there are these “conflicts” occurring.

Therefore, nearly always there will be a discussion of “symptoms” at the beginning of a session.


Therefore, when the appropriate work has been completed in relation to this third law of recuperation, the client will lose these symptoms and a still older, more deeply buried group will come to the surface, and so on.


All of us have genetically weaker areas in our makeup that we inherit from our ancestors.

These areas may appear to be of no impact on our everyday living UNTIL we come to the state of lack of energy.

While we have enough energy to COMPENSATE for the bad habits, poor eating and other influences, we can “get away” with it.

However, while we are “getting away with it”, these genetic weak spots are collecting toxic materials.

You may have heard me make mention to your AVAILABLE ENERGY and often in the session building up your percentage of “available energy”.

What we DO with the available energy we have is the important factor.

Using some of our available energy to recuperate stored imbalances is important so that our genetic weak spots don’t build up a store of toxicity.


Of course regular sessions to ensure we are on our Line of Recuperation are essential as too is programming regular “recuperation time” into our busy lives.

Regular Yoga and / or Meditation are great “recuperation activities”.

Meditation need not be 1 hour sessions – it is possible to relax your body and mind and meditate for 5 or 10 minutes.

This may be something we can discuss at your next session.