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Let’s take a quick summary look at the function of the immune system.

Basically our immune system is there to “attack” any “foreign” objects entering the system.


Now let’s have a brief look at the “foreign” objects we have in today’s society.


Many of our foods have additives and preservatives often without our knowledge.

Even our “fresh” vegetables and fruits can be sprayed or fertilised with chemicals we have no idea about.

Our meat and farmed seafood products are injected with antibiotics and vaccinations while they are still alive and then processed using all sorts of chemicals after being slaughtered.

Then of course there are now reports of mercury excess being detected in some “wild” marine products.


Next we have the chemicals we are exposed to in our home and work environments through cleaning products, new carpets, paintwork as just some examples.

Not to forget what we put on our bodies such as the creams, lotions, makeup, hair products etc and all the numerous chemicals and additives in those products. Then the clothes we wear are also chemically treated while being made.


Then as you walk around your home you are sure to notice all the electrical equipment all emitting just minor frequencies, however it would be surprising to determine how large a frequency collectively. And of course add to that WIFI now freely available in many households, perhaps not yours, but your neighbours.


Then leaving the home there is the carbon emission from vehicles and other industry waste, electromagnetic radiation etc.

Even people living in the “clean country air” have exposure to the chemical and pesticides used to spray crops.


That is just a brief snap shot, without even mentioning self inflicted chemical exposure like smoking, alcohol, excessive caffeine, “recreational” drugs etc.


Then an all too easily forgotten “toxin” or “foreign body” is emotional distress.


For example, when a person feels the emotion of “anger” the brain sends particular chemical and hormones to the body and the immune system will register them as “foreign” and so set out to eradicate them.


Therefore, during times of great “distress”, (remembering that “distress” is our reaction to the “stress” in our life), the immune system can be working very hard “cleaning” the body of these “foreign” substances.


So hence, if the immune system is busily employed combating our emotional or mental distress when we are subjected to a viral or bacterial “bug”, which are around us all the time, then there are little “resources” left to “fight” them.


What to do?

Eat organic when possible

Drink 1 ½ – 2 Litres water per day

Limited caffeine

Limited alcohol

No smoking

No “recreational” drugs

Keep away from obvious toxic areas

Wearing gloves (and mask) when gardening

7-8 hours Peaceful sleep at night

Exercise (at least 3 – 4 times per week)

Meditation or other form of mind relaxation

Positive outlook


What help to get?

 Neuro-Training with Kinesiology can help break the pattern of habitually worrying and help with letting go of unwanted “baggage”.

Rather than suppress the symptoms, Neuro-Training Kinesiology seeks to find what is causing the symptoms. This enables the subconscious to resolve and recuperate on its own.

Once the causes have been found, Neuro-Training Kinesiology retrains the nervous system with the best solution for that particular problem – one that will enhance the person’s own natural recuperation ability.