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Aloe Vera is a plant well known for helping with burns. However it can also be used for relief from stings and bites.


And while on the subject of Aloe Vera and with the possible over indulgence of rich foods over the Festive Season, Aloe Vera juice helps settle the stomach; promotes smooth and natural digestion; soothes the lining of the stomach and intestines; helps maintain healthy intestinal bacteria; assists digestion; is a tonic to the liver; soothes the gut, and supports the immune system against allergies.


There are a number of Aloe Vera juices on the market and when choosing which one to buy, read the ingredients carefully. Pure Aloe Vera juice won’t be cheap, however it keeps for some time in the ‘fridge and is worthwhile.


You may think about planting one or more Aloe Vera plants – be sure to look for the correct variety – Aloe Barbadensis.

It is very handy when you feel nauseous or have a cramping sensation in your stomach to go outside and cut off a piece of Aloe Vera, peel off the skin, and eat the white sticky gel.


The skin of the plant can then be used to smear on your own skin.

It isn’t only sun burnt skin that can benefit from the use of Aloe Vera on your skin.


Once again when looking for commercially produced Aloe Vera gel or lotion, check that there are no added ingredients. Companies can be very sneaky with their labelling!!